Driveway Maintenance Tips

One of the most utilized areas of your home is the driveway. However, it is also one of the most ignored. Homeowners usually neglect their driveways until they notice cracks or stains.  


If you want your driveway to last for a long time, you should always take care of it. Doing so will help you save money in the long run.  

One of the biggest benefits of a decorative concrete driveway is that it requires little-to-no maintenance and routine care. However, no driveway material is truly maintenance-free. This includes concrete.  

After you’ve hired a driveway concrete company in Des Moines to build a concrete driveway for you, here are several tips you should follow to ensure it lasts for a long time. 

Plow Carefully 

When you’re using a snowplow, make sure you rase the blade enough to guarantee it does not damage and scrape the surface of your driveway. If you’re using a snow shovel, try to utilize a plastic model for uneven surfaces to lower the risk of scratching on the driveway.  

If you want to be safe, you can also hire a professional snow removal company for help. 

Do Not Salt Cement 

Chemical deicers and cement salt can penetrate surfaces and lead to cracks. If this is the case, you’ll have to spend money fixing those cracks.  

Rather than salting your concrete driveway, consider utilizing a shovel or snow blower to get rid of snow. You can also try to use other materials to make your driveway less slippery. This includes kitty litter, alfalfa meal, coffee grounds, and sand.  

You can also try spraying the surface with sugar beet juice to help melt the ice. This juice helps reduce the ice’s melting point. Professionals consider it effective in temperatures as low as -15°F. 

Treat It Properly 

While concrete is one of the strongest building materials out there, the normal residential driveway is not built to support large construction equipment and heavy cars.  

Always treat your concrete driveway properly. As mentioned above, use care when shoveling or plowing the surface. As much as possible, do not use metal blades since these materials can easily scrape the surface.  

Do Not Use Deicing Chemicals 

Damages can occur if you use deicers on your concrete driveway during the cold months. To make things specific, your driveway might experience spalling and scaling.  

Items that contain ingredients such as ammonium sulfates and ammonium nitrates are particularly dangerous since they will attack the concrete.  

Calcium chloride or rock salt will do less damage. However. They can lead to rust and kill vegetation.  

As much as possible do not use any deicers on your driveway.  

Immediately Get Rid of Spills 

Since you’re probably parking your car on your driveway, chances are car oil will spill on it. Though a sealer can help protect your concrete driveway, it is still a wise move to get rid of spills right away. This will help you prevent damage and discoloration. 

If it is already too late, you can always pressure wash the concrete surface to make it look new again.  

Important Metal Roof Components to Look For

When you think it’s time to get a new roofing system, you should start researching metal roofs. But it can be challenging to know where to start sometimes. For that, this article will help you determine the 6 major quality components of?metal roofing?that you need to keep in mind while choosing it. Remember that all metal roofs are not made equally, and you will realize that not all contractors, products, and manufacturers are equal as well. The following key metal roof features are essential in choosing the best metal roof to use for your home: 


Good warranties 

See to it that you precisely know what you’ll be getting for warranties and who they are from. You have to get warranties that cover the product, workmanship, installation, and the quality of the materials that go into the product.? 

Premium certified products 

A quality certification program, which is developed by the Metal Construction Association, recognizes the manufacturers and products that meet high standard levels when it comes to processes and materials. It’s highly suggested that you should get the metal products that are included in such a program. Because of that, you need to partner up with a trusted roofing company that adheres to this manufacturing standard.? 

A lot of roofs have parts that need special care. If you opt for a metal roof, you cannot simply rely on sealant in those parts since it’s usually the practice with temporary roofing materials. When your roofing has unusual things, such as flared gables, chimneys, skylights, and dead valleys, ensure that you precisely know how these will be dealt with by your roofing contractor.? 


Though you may not usually think about it, much debris can accumulate on your roofing. As things such as ice, seed pods, pine needles, leaves, and snow trickle down your roofing, they tend to be placed in any valleys that are present on your roof. A lot of metal roofs come with “closed valley systems with concealed waterways that help in transporting water off of the roof. However, such hidden waterways can get clogged up with debris, and then the water pat is obstructed leading to leakage. If you get a roof with “self-cleaning” valleys, they can carry the debris and water on top of your roofing and will not cause clogging. Plus, your property will look better and cleaner at the same time.? 

Tested and quality finishes 

These coatings come in multi-hued shades and many colors, which provide the best combination of fade resistance and durability. Moreover, a lot of people opt for metal roofing to prevent the staining and streaking that attacks shingles with the granulated surface. Resin-based and PVDF give the greatest resistance to staining and streaking. Because of that, it’s important to get metal roofing products with high-quality finishes.? 

Correct ventilation 

Most houses can benefit can take advantage of having increased?ventilation?of the attic. If your home has good ventilation, it will keep your house cooler in the summer. Moreover, it can help prevent ice dams as you ensure that your insulation performs well and dry in the winter. 

5 Roofing Facts That Might Surprise You

When it comes roofing, whether it is installation, repair, or replacement, some people would think that roof is something unimportant. Well, the truth is the opposite. Your roof is probably the most complicated element you can find in your house. A typical roofing system is very complex as it needs the best cutting-edge technology in the industry to install or replace one. Also, when it comes to maintenance and annual repair, you need to find a reputable company like Angus Ontario Roofing Repair to make sure that your roof is taken care of. Improper maintenance by ordinary cleaners might impose more damage to its structure.

As we mentioned, there is nothing simple about the roof – even when it comes to painting, insulation, coating, etc. Here, we will be sharing with you some of the roofing facts you need to know for you to be informed when you make decisions on your roof.

1. Flat roofs are not perfectly flat

Flat roofs have now become a trend, and if you are planning on installing a flat roof, you are probably assuming that it is characterized by a completely flat roofing surface. The truth is, what they call flat roof is not entirely flat. They actually have a slight slope of at least one-fourth inch per foot.

2. It is not recommended that you DIY

When try on searching the Internet, you will see multiple videos giving you tips about how to do some roof DIYs. We are here to tell you that most roof experts and professionals will tell you the opposite unless you want some unnecessary injury, accidents, and further roofing damage. The roof is not something that is easy to install or fix. Aside from it is located on the very top of the house structure, the materials that comprise a roof are not also easy to install and repair. You will need a skilled professional to do the replacement or repair as they have the necessary protective gear, tools, equipment ad experience to aid them.

3. The style of your roofs depends largely on where you live

The roofing designs are not just created and planned for pure aesthetics. Each structural design plays a major role in its ability to withstand certain elements that cause damage. This means that certain climates and regions may prefer or necessitate a certain design and structure. For instance, a hipped roof that contains four slopes in equal lengths on all sides is more resistant to the wind compared to gable roofs, and this is an ideal roofing style for regions who experience frequent storms and strong winds.

4. A roof is more than just shingles and wood

A typical roof can be composed of at least seven components including roof decking, water barrier, waterproof underlayment, metal flashing, singles, gutter, and other small components that play a crucial role in making your roof sturdy and strong. is fine to cover an existing roof

While it is logical to think that providing an extra layer of cover can protect something that is underneath, this logic becomes faulty when you apply that on your roof. This is because this protective later might add more weight to the roof causing it to get weaken.

Things You Must Never Do in Major Cities as a Tourist

The items listed below are some of the urban behavior’s rules according to Nola Tours that can apply to almost every city all around the globe. Check out whether you are guilty or not guilty of doing them as a tourist:

Feed the pigeons

In places like Venice, feeding the pigeons’ flocks living in cities has been extremely popular to the point that they have imposed fines to any tourist who will violate this. Though it may appear to be an exciting shenanigan, it is really detrimental for both the city and the birds. This is because pigeons lose their capability to look for food on their own when they are fed with human food. As a result, they begin consuming food that’s not part of their natural diet. Moreover, they carry illnesses that might affect humans.

Push your way onto public transportation

If you are pushing your way before people get the chance to get out, then they cannot get off the bus or train. As much as possible, stand to the door side and be polite until everyone who requires to exit can do so before getting in.

Wear uncomfortable shoes

The greatest means of discovering and exploring a large city is by walking. You will have to discover and see gems that you will not see in any books. You can also easily stroll through new neighborhoods. Hence, you should never have a shortcut to the wonders you’re yet to see due to foot pain. Guarantee that you should bring with you a pair of comfortable shoes that you can walk for several times in and never worry since there are a lot of stylish different options to choose from that will not mark you as a tourist.

Stand on the wrong side of escalators

Regardless of the various rules and regulations on the road, the escalator regulations are similar from New York to London, which means you need to stand on one side and walk on the other. This enables individuals who want to quickly climb the escalator. However, those who would require a rest can rid up.

Ride a cab during rush house

Calling rideshare or hailing a cab might appear to be a lot easier compared to attempting to navigate the subway system or walking to your destination. However, every rush hour, it will definitely take you a lot longer just crossing the city using a car compared to taking public transportation.

Stop in the middle of a sidewalk

As a tourist, it is a magical and amazing feeling to be in the big city. However, that feeling does not apply to the locals who rush by just to attempt to get to work on time. So, it would be better if you consider sidewalks just like the streets. Meaning, you should never abruptly stop in the middle of sidewalks to snap a photo or check your directions. Rather, you should go to an area on the sides where you will not get in the way.