One of the most utilized areas of your home is the driveway. However, it is also one of the most ignored. Homeowners usually neglect their driveways until they notice cracks or stains.  


If you want your driveway to last for a long time, you should always take care of it. Doing so will help you save money in the long run.  

One of the biggest benefits of a decorative concrete driveway is that it requires little-to-no maintenance and routine care. However, no driveway material is truly maintenance-free. This includes concrete.  

After you’ve hired a driveway concrete company in Des Moines to build a concrete driveway for you, here are several tips you should follow to ensure it lasts for a long time. 

Plow Carefully 

When you’re using a snowplow, make sure you rase the blade enough to guarantee it does not damage and scrape the surface of your driveway. If you’re using a snow shovel, try to utilize a plastic model for uneven surfaces to lower the risk of scratching on the driveway.  

If you want to be safe, you can also hire a professional snow removal company for help. 

Do Not Salt Cement 

Chemical deicers and cement salt can penetrate surfaces and lead to cracks. If this is the case, you’ll have to spend money fixing those cracks.  

Rather than salting your concrete driveway, consider utilizing a shovel or snow blower to get rid of snow. You can also try to use other materials to make your driveway less slippery. This includes kitty litter, alfalfa meal, coffee grounds, and sand.  

You can also try spraying the surface with sugar beet juice to help melt the ice. This juice helps reduce the ice’s melting point. Professionals consider it effective in temperatures as low as -15°F. 

Treat It Properly 

While concrete is one of the strongest building materials out there, the normal residential driveway is not built to support large construction equipment and heavy cars.  

Always treat your concrete driveway properly. As mentioned above, use care when shoveling or plowing the surface. As much as possible, do not use metal blades since these materials can easily scrape the surface.  

Do Not Use Deicing Chemicals 

Damages can occur if you use deicers on your concrete driveway during the cold months. To make things specific, your driveway might experience spalling and scaling.  

Items that contain ingredients such as ammonium sulfates and ammonium nitrates are particularly dangerous since they will attack the concrete.  

Calcium chloride or rock salt will do less damage. However. They can lead to rust and kill vegetation.  

As much as possible do not use any deicers on your driveway.  

Immediately Get Rid of Spills 

Since you’re probably parking your car on your driveway, chances are car oil will spill on it. Though a sealer can help protect your concrete driveway, it is still a wise move to get rid of spills right away. This will help you prevent damage and discoloration. 

If it is already too late, you can always pressure wash the concrete surface to make it look new again.