The items listed below are some of the urban behavior’s rules according to Nola Tours that can apply to almost every city all around the globe. Check out whether you are guilty or not guilty of doing them as a tourist:

Feed the pigeons

In places like Venice, feeding the pigeons’ flocks living in cities has been extremely popular to the point that they have imposed fines to any tourist who will violate this. Though it may appear to be an exciting shenanigan, it is really detrimental for both the city and the birds. This is because pigeons lose their capability to look for food on their own when they are fed with human food. As a result, they begin consuming food that’s not part of their natural diet. Moreover, they carry illnesses that might affect humans.

Push your way onto public transportation

If you are pushing your way before people get the chance to get out, then they cannot get off the bus or train. As much as possible, stand to the door side and be polite until everyone who requires to exit can do so before getting in.

Wear uncomfortable shoes

The greatest means of discovering and exploring a large city is by walking. You will have to discover and see gems that you will not see in any books. You can also easily stroll through new neighborhoods. Hence, you should never have a shortcut to the wonders you’re yet to see due to foot pain. Guarantee that you should bring with you a pair of comfortable shoes that you can walk for several times in and never worry since there are a lot of stylish different options to choose from that will not mark you as a tourist.

Stand on the wrong side of escalators

Regardless of the various rules and regulations on the road, the escalator regulations are similar from New York to London, which means you need to stand on one side and walk on the other. This enables individuals who want to quickly climb the escalator. However, those who would require a rest can rid up.

Ride a cab during rush house

Calling rideshare or hailing a cab might appear to be a lot easier compared to attempting to navigate the subway system or walking to your destination. However, every rush hour, it will definitely take you a lot longer just crossing the city using a car compared to taking public transportation.

Stop in the middle of a sidewalk

As a tourist, it is a magical and amazing feeling to be in the big city. However, that feeling does not apply to the locals who rush by just to attempt to get to work on time. So, it would be better if you consider sidewalks just like the streets. Meaning, you should never abruptly stop in the middle of sidewalks to snap a photo or check your directions. Rather, you should go to an area on the sides where you will not get in the way.